Saturday, March 22, 2008


Last night after a slow night of work Rich and I schlepped over to MJs in Silverlake for two reasons! One was to hang and see my old friend Ari Gold. Ari and I have known each other for several years and while we didn't get to catch up too much last night it was good seeing his pretty face! If you aren't aware of Ari, check out his website and his music on iTunes. Ari has been an out and proud, queer music artist for years now! His pop music is laced with some killer R&B beats that will remind you of artists like Brandy and Babyface. There is so much talent within this boys body (literally) that its hard not to fall in love with his beautiful blue eyes and lyrics that are so written so elloquently!

We also went to check out Mario Diaz's new night called Swallow! Usually I am not all pumped when a promoter throws a new night at a club... take last weeks trip to Destination at HERE bar. Ya there were different videos and costumes for the bartenders and staff to wear but overall it was the same basic experience - BLAH! Last night, well first of all, Mario Diaz can throw a party that blows any other party promoter in the city out of the water!! I don't know Diaz at all (had one brief convo with him on the phone, nothing personal) so I am not trying to advocate his club because he's my freind. Last night the club had a great group of guys there - not the trendy kids that have started to show up on Tuesday night - looking to see and hear something different. The music was so f**king infectious I was going crazy!!! From "Glamorous Life", Brit's "Piece of Me", and some Michael Jackson samples, the deejay worked his ass of to make sure the crowd of 30-something men not only enjoyed the music but could identify with it... THANK YOU MISTER UNKNOWN DEEJAY!!!
The club also had a private backroom that patrons could enter with a gogo dancer and onlookers drinking on the patio could observe via a closed-circuit camera utilizing night vision!!! What a great evening... oh and I even found out a little bit more about the #3 *wink*!!!

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