Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Tonight (Tuesdsay) on Big Brother 9 was such a pivotal week, where one small decision could have turned the whole game upside down. I remember last year during Big Brother 8 there was also a HUGE week (probably around the same time) and I told my gym bud Kenny what should have happened to successfully boot either Evel Dick or his daughter, Danielle, out of the house. Of course I'm not in the house but if I was Dick would have been gone.

This week Adam had this chance to boot Joshuah out of the house. I don't care what Kenny or anyone else says, Josh is a huge threat and could take the game. Adam has been bombarded with so many other peoples opinions that he has no time to think for himself. Oh but then again he has a committee of Natalie and Ryan, two of the stupidest people in the house! Could you see all three of them: Moe, Larry and Curly in war? Personally, I am so happy that Josh is still in the house and I'm ECSTATIC that James is kicking arse!!!

Revenge is so sweet and James is the friggin' shite in the house. I love his determination, vindication, and vindictiveness! I also love how everyone in the house is crapping purple twinkies because he is so strong. Come on, how stupid is Adam for trying to put Sharon up thinking that chelsea gone from the house is going to weaken James determination to get back at all the scum that evicted him out the first time. James has done so much justice and rightfully so, previous houseguests would kill to be brought back in the house on a second chance lottery... wouldn't you?

I hope, I hope, I hope that the final two left in the house will be Joshuah and James, although that is not my prediction, I just feel these two men have played the game so well.


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