Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I just finished running 6.4 miles with Anna!!

Me blogging about my weekly runs reminds me of when I was training for the AIDS Marathon: Destination Honolulu back in 2002! It was such a momentous (?) experience to train with an extraordinary group of people and raise money for AIDS Project Los Angeles at the same time.

During my six month training program I kept a weekly online journal that would talk about my weekly runs. (Back then I don't think the word Blog was so heavily used or even created yet.) The Web site got deleted on accident I believe, I have tried looking for it numerous times but can never find it... it was such an awesome diary filled with lovely quotes, pictures and, of course, memories!

Anna and I are making our own memories by sharing stories, gossiping (watch out Beckham Grill) and singing almost any song we know! Today I struggled to remember the lyrics for The Golden Girls. I think in total I had to rack my brain for 15 minutes. For any gay man that is 15 minutes too long, huh? We sang Mariah, Justin, show tunes, some Madonna and The Golden Girls... oh lord we aren't running a marathon, we are running a Variety Show!

Okay, my legs are in major pain and I need to soak my ankles! Below, for your enjoyment are just some of the songs we sang today. Can you pick the ones I thought of and the songs that Anna wanted to sing aloud? LOL

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