Saturday, March 29, 2008


Dicks Cabaret was exactly like a pictured it - just a few more poles and chairs! Indeed we decided to go see what Dick had to offer in the desolate, mostly industrial part of Phoenix with seedy - mostly straight - strip bars on every other block of the winding barron streets. Last time I was in Phoenix I almost went with a bunch of guys but never made the trip. This time I knew I couldn't miss out on what would be a great night!

Dicks has received a lot of popularity since American Idol castoff, Mr. Hernandez, was reported have worked at the cabaret theater - perhaps thats why there were a bunch of 20-something girls there screaming and loving the lap dances given by the dozen or so strippers lurking around the hole in the wall. First off it

The setup of Dicks is a cabaret style atmosphere, when instead I thought it would be a dancing nightclub kind of place - so not the case! Instead you sit down and watch guys dance, thats it! Most of the guys were just okay but there were a few that were HOT BLOODED.

I particularly liked the guy who charged me the $20 to get into the joint - sorry no picture available. Upon further investigation I found out the door guy was a stripper there but it wasn't his night. Let me tell you this boy was a hot, slender Latin boy who had some homemade tattoos on his arm that were dissapearing quickly. He had a one of a kind smile and even though he was straight he was extremely friendly. Speaking of friendly, the dancers in the joint were so nice and welcoming. I was impressed that the dancers were pretty evenly split on the gay, straight, bisexual ratio and even if they were dancing for money, they were so friggin nice and almost comical. My favorite part of the evening was the dollar dance portion. The guys walk around and for $1 measly dollar you can get a lap dance until they change the music... this happens for about 30 minutes. I got several lap dances but the one that sticks out in my mind the most was this hunky, tattooed half latin/half white boy. He was agressive, verbal and made me feel like he was in control and I could chime in at any moment... okay, maybe that is too much info!

We took lots of pictures in front of Dicks and I will post those on my MySpace when I get back into town - I forgot my cam. If you want to know more details well ask away!!!

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