Monday, March 17, 2008


Last night (Saturday) when I was blogging from bed I couldn’t even prioritize my thoughts because of all the things that were going on in my head.
Last night was a fun night even though I only had two small drinks at the beginning of the night. Yes, I cheated on what I originally thought was going to be a successful drinking drought for at least a month. I lasted in total almost 14 days… pretty impressive I think – okay maybe not.

When I got home last night from our night on the town I walked in to find a part of my sofa torn to shreds. Actually it was only one part of the cushion that JJ managed to shred with his paws or teeth. This makes the second cushion in two years that he has ruined. The first was when he was a puppy and I had just adopted him and he got into the house one night on accident while we were gone. Last night I just scratched my head as to why he did it. When I walked in he had a sad look on his face like ‘oh shit, I really am in trouble.’ I yelled at him and spanked him a few times and then sent him to my room. I have never seen JJ shake so much in my life, he was scared and sad. Seeing him that way made me a little sad too but I had to be strict and not look like I was happy… I think it worked. He laid down on the bed and right to sleep for about an hour or so. My brother came home and didn’t know I was home so he opened my room to let JJ out potty and I (against my better judgement) told Greg what the dog did. I figured it was the best stratgegy since he was intoxicated and in a good mood *grin*! Greg couldn’t figure out as to why JJ would have tore up the sofa either… I guess my next step is to either find a fabric that somewhat matches the sofa or get two covers for the sofa, I still have yet to decide.

UPDATE: Guess who decided to tear up the same comforter AGAIN on Sunday night? Yup, the terror (LOL) only now he decided to do the other side of the already ripped up comforter - more later!

As his punishment (like he knows, LOL) I am not taking him to the softball field today. I think when he woke up this morning he thought everything was fine – it wasn’t – so I quickly reminded him that I was still mad at him and why.
Right now I am having breakfast by myself at a local café… oh who am I kidding, I’m at Dennys eatting breakfast by myself. Come to think of it, it has been a while since I have had breakfast by myself, I think the last time was when I was in Long Beach. Wow, that is a long time, I need to have more ME time this year. Maybe that will be my other New Years Resolution: to have more me time, pay off all my credit card debt and get married and have children. Well, the latter may not happen the way my love life is going but the intenion is certainly there.

Speaking of love and dating, my friend Kenny said he is going to find me someone to date. He seems to think that everyone I go out with is wrong for me and I need some divine intervention. This year I have gone on more dates then in the past but I think going on dates, meeting new guys and exploring my possibilities is not necessarily a bad thing. Kenny says that I classify everyone as being ‘nice’. I suppose that is true, that is my way of rationalizing that even the ones that are really jerk are 'nice at heart.' Ugh.. my french toast just got here, I am going to eat!!!

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