Friday, March 28, 2008


I've been in the Tempe area for a little over 24 hours now and I have one word to describe it: WOW!

Rich and I are floored with all the hot college studs that inhabit the area around Tempe, which shouldn't be too surprising since the Tempe is a college town, Arizona State University is the major attraction in town.

This weekend the city is a buzz with so many spectators! For one there is the Tempe Music Festival headlined by My Chemical Romance and Fergie. There is also a Arts and Crafts street festival about a block away from the loud outdoor music festival. The arts and crafts look fun, but only a few steps away (literally) is The Phoenix Forum in the amazing Tempe Mission Palms Hotel. The hotel is quite literally under lock and key - rented out for the entire weekend with security guards at every exit and entrance making sure only registered guests can come into the show. Rich and I have met severeal people on the street who are dying to get a peek inside and see what kinds of things are happening - thankfully you have me to tell you!!!

Last night when we got in we immediately met up with some of our buds from ManHunt and then went to grab some dinner at a local Urban Italian restaurant, don't
ask me what made it urban! After we trotted over to the Cybersocket party at the hotel to take advantage of the always open bar Cybersocket provides and mingle with Dustin Tyner, Mike True, Monica, Harker from AVN, the Next Door Male models and Tommy D of course - that boy is going to be the death of me! After the party we went upstairs to the str8 pool party which was pretty hot, but wasn't hot enough! We were informed of a Suite Party with live sex going on (we didn't see any) and an open bar so we hit that shiznit up - of course there were some hotties there and two hot bartenders who we had to have take off their shirt (ABOVE) and even see one of their private piercings. Adam from ManHunt is quite a negotiator with those str8 boys... I love Adam. Pictures to come later... don't worry!

Today (Friday) we woke up and went straight to the seminars and parties happening at 11 a.m.!!! The hotel is totally booked to the convention and it's nearly impossible to have to pay for food, drinks, water, alcohol, massages in the entire hotel. After some interesting seminars about future technology and pirating in the adult industry we had a few cocktails, discussed some business and then jumped in our bathing suits to go in the pool with the porn stars. Tommy D was up there with his hot friend prancing around in wet (see through) grey undies, Tommy is very lucky to have that as a friend... very HOT! And Tommy is looking svelt himself - he's lost a lot of weight to train for the AIDS Ride coming up - I will post a link later if you want to support him!

Tommy and I spoke briefly a few times today but I want to sit down and really talk to him about whats going on in his life. Wow, I can't believe its almost two years ago we met up in Phoenix and had that crazy night I shall never forget or keep reliving!!!

Now I need to rest up before we take off to the pool again at 10:30 and then go gay bar hopping with Brian Randall and the guys from ManHunt! Oh, speaking of ManHunt I have some amazing news regarding their site... stay tuned!!!

Blog More Tomorrow!!!

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