Monday, March 24, 2008


The last two nights I've had some weird dreams starring my mom. I'm not too sure what to make of them. The first night I dreamt of her was a simple dream involving some amazingly clean bed sheets my mom and just brought home from the cleaners. I can vividly recall unfolding the sheets in my room and watching the sheets open up and look incredibly soft - almost like satin! The sheets looked as if they were too big for my bed but it didn't matter, they were clean, soft and beautiful to be frank!

The second dream I had last night confused me and gave me a sense of sadness and confusion. The dream, in short, was my mom carrying a glass of orange juice pass me as I sit watching her walk by. It was almost as if she was a waitress and I was a customer or being waited on by her. My eyes locked with hers and was silently screaming with my eyes for her to recognize me and say Hello.


The second half of the dream was me looking at a guy shocked that he looked so much like my mother. For a few minutes it seemed as if I was stuck on the resemblence to my mother. After those few minutes, or so it seemed, I started to notice that he looked nothing like my mother. I started to pick a part all the qualities that former looked like my mother were quickly dissapearing right before my eyes.

It might sound a bit weird but I am considering going to a psychic to get a professional opinion on what my dreams mean. I rarely have dreams about my mother; sometimes only one every six months. Twice in two nights is very strange and I am curious if she is trying to tell me something (which seems unlikely since bed sheets and orange juice are obscure objects) or it's just me missing her!

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