Thursday, March 20, 2008


After work I decided to go over to the Rosebowl and do some maintenence running. Anna is gone for the next week so I want to make sure that when she returns I am ready to run 9.6 miles, or three times around the Rosebowl. I decided to invite my coworker Angela with me - wait, actually she has asked me to take her running on numerous occasions so I took her up on it today. She texted me while I was at work that she was going to stop by In-N-Out and then come over. Hold Up, WTF? I couldn't believe the b*tch was going to eat a frickin' hamburger before she was going to run the Rosebowl. After some coaxing from me she decided against the burger and opted for a sandwich: smart decision!

What a beautiful day it was to run - too bad Angela only lasted about five minutes running before I had to just do my own run and let her walk behind me. What a pretty run I ended up having, completing the 3.2 mile run by myself. After, Angela and I did some situps on the Rosebowl lawn. Check out my uber sexy photo above... I am so proud of myself for training for this marathon!!!

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fatenoir said...

aaaaah ha! i was all like what the eff is with the .6 in the run - why not say .5 or just 9 or 10.....BUT seeing that its 3 laps around the bowl it all comes clear now *nods* :D

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