Monday, March 3, 2008


The song above, incase you're wondering, is Patty Griffin singing "Heavenly Day."
Lately songs that create a certain ambiance and emotion really grab me buy the balls and suck me in. Griffin's song does exactly that.

I was online today looking at different blogs and noticed that The Sword did an amazing post of showing off porn stars baby pics! The two in particular that captured my eye and my heart were Collin O'Neal and Francois Sagats.

O'Neal (above), not only because he is my boss but because the picture looks EXACTLY like him... I LOVE IT Collin!!!

I love Francois' photo (above) because it looks nothing like him - I mean the smile is there but that'a about it. Speaking of Mister Sagat I spoke to him last night and found out some very cool stuff... I better keep my mouth shut!

Last but not least here is my baby picture. The Sword asked me to be a part but I forgot to submit mine in time. I am sorry Tim Valenti, next time I will make deadline *WINK*!!!

Good Night Ya'll!!!

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