Friday, August 8, 2008


It sucks when you have a really good blog going and then your
computer shuts down for some odd fuckin' reason and you didn't
save your shit. For now on I will have save every two minutes,
which in my eyes is okay - if it means my stuff will be secure,

Right now I am on a plane to see my boss Collin and
business partner Rich. I just saw Collin a few weeks
ago but haven't seen Rich in a few months so I am especially
happy to see him. No matter how crazy I think Rich
is, I think of him as my brother! The crazy stories
he has told me about his life and the crazy stories
Collin has told me about Rich are pretty fucking funny
but when I lay down at night it's crazyto think that in
just a few years these guys have become so close to me, and now
we work together. I am sure this week we will take tons of pictures and I will
post them for you all to see next week when I get back to Los Angeles.

This is my first time ever sitting First Class, is that wrong
to say as a gay man? I know there are numerous fauxpas when
it comes to being gay and what and what not to say say.
Last night Joseph and I were talking about the exact same
topic. He was telling me of a guy who wanted to take him
jetsetting across the country to four or five
different cities in four or five days. Even though
Joseph thinks the guy is cute and could take the time
off he told the guy that he probably couldn't afford it.

"I can't afford it" has normally not been in my vocabulary.
If there's something I want then I would find a way to pay
for it - except these days I don't like that anymore.
I commended Joseph for saying to the guy that he truthfully
couldn't afford it - I've said that to a couple of West Hollywood
"socialites" *I use that term extremely loosely* and they
gasp at the notion of not being able to afford admission
into a $75 club or drivingout to West Hollywood four
nights a week like I used to.

Oh, back to First Class. So never sitting in the section I had
no idea that bringing my lunch on board wasn't necessary. So
far - and we're only half way through the flight - I've been wined
and dined - two glasses of wine might I add! Douglas,
my old account executive when I worked at Cybersocket, used to
take First Class EVERWHERE - and when I say EVERYWHERE, I meant it!!!
Whether it was LA to NYC or LA to Las Vegas - a 45 minute flight,
he needed to take it. I remember one time asking him and he said
he wanted everyone to walk by him and (now I don't know the
exact verbage but) notice how important he was. When he told
me that I know I rolled my eyes and instantly IM'd Michelle to
talk shit. Wow, little did I know that I would later become
friends with Douglas and work for him! Doug has seriously become
one of my cloest allies in the recent months -

So yah, first class is nice - yaddah, yaddah, yaddah!

This post is done and there will be lots of pictures and gossip
to come upon landing in Miami and the start
of the 2008 INTERnext Convention 2008 in Hollywood, Florida.

Stay tuned!!!

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