Saturday, August 9, 2008

To all my friends on the West Coast it's only 6 a.m. for you guys, right now I am reporting LIVE (Thanks Joseph) from my bed in Miami Beach!

Last night was a fun one but I couldn't wait to get back to the condo and get into bed - I am really that old!

We started out yesterday by having to brave a pretty big rain storm that decided to make its way into the Miami area. Instead of tanning by the pool at the interNEXT convention we spent it socializing trying to duck for cover in a cabana that wasn't rain soaked. ANNOYING!!!

In LA we associate rain with cold so it's a bit odd being outside in 80 degree heat, plus the high humidity and it's raining! The hotel the convention at is very nice but the seminars I was hoping to attend are very scarce, which sucks!

We only stayed at the hotel for a few hours before we decided to jet and accomplish some errands, mostly for Rich and Collin, I was just along for the ride. They test drove a few Audi's and we went to the beautiful Aventura mall - think Orange County!

We came home and watched the Olympic cemeronies - BEAUTIFULLY STUNNING!!!! At ten we headed back to the hotel to attend the Cybersocket Suite Party which was pretty desolate until around midnight then people started to come! Around midnight a few of us decided to go swimming in the ocean which proved to be the best time I've had yet!

The security guard who was 'guarding' the gate to get into the ocean didn't mind that 10 of us jumped it and went into the 70 degree water at midnight - SO HOT!! For 30 minutes we swam and frolocked in the water before jumping into the pool for a quick rinse-off! I have to thank Gary from ManHunt and Jeremy from MaleFlixxx for accompanying me in this fun mini-adventure. Gary I've known for a few months and is now working on a project called OnTheHunt.Net - think porn stars filming real life couples having sex! Jeremy is a total hottie who I've been gazzing at since I arrived, too bad he lives in Toronto and is married to a guy =(

Why do I always pick the guys who are married, it fuckin' sucks! Let's talk about this for a minute... it's needed. The last couple of guys - Jay included I've been head over heels for and they are taken by some other fucker... I hate it! Angel was that way too: TAKEN! I think it's my karma to either A. End up with a guy who is married and to be his mistress or B. Become involved with a couple and be a THROUPLE.

Hmmm, could you ever live as a throuple? Do you think jealousy would eventually become a huge problem? I don't think I'd get too jealous, but it seems a lot easier
to find couples now adays then it has to find one man.

ATTENTION!!!! I just reread that above paragraph and I didn't mean that literally. I haven't had any threesomes as of late or found any couples that wanna engage in threeway activity, instead I meant I've had no problem finding guys who are in
relationships... you know what I mean, hopefully!

Okay, it's time to get my ass up and walk down to the the main boulevard to get some coffee... I will write later!!!

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