Wednesday, August 20, 2008


For the last 12 days I've been glued to the television watching the Olympics any chance I can. Almost every sport that is played is important for me to watch - track, sprinting, gymnastics, diving, basketball, womens softball - it's all so fascinating to me.

I've said it before and I still believe that watching the world come together to play sports is amazing. Now, I'm not the biggest advocate for sports when it comes to kids using it get into college and scholarships - is that wrong? To digress just briefly I just think that sports is not an education, but whatever! The Olympics on the other hand, whether or not they are connected to high school/college sports are just amazing to see, some/most of the people competing are machines. Jamaica for instance ruling the distance running (I am watching it as I type!)

Anyhoo, I had to post at least one item about the Olympics, and believe me I will include pictures of all the hotties in the Olympics - damn that's going to take some work!!!

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