Friday, August 29, 2008


The man you see before you is my Big Brother hero. Last season it was Crazy James, however Big Brother 10's Dan takes the cake with the games, deception and tactful game play he has displayed. Even though it might all come to an end in the next few weeks he sure gave America one hell of a ride. Dan's 'roulette' game was nothing short of amazing on Tuesday nights episode and watching Ollie unravel was just as incredible. Do you want to see two players unravel??? Check the shit out below... DRAMA!!!! What we don't appreciate is Ollie calling Memphis a FAGGOT and to SUCK HIS DICK! Very respectable and Godly for a Reverends son to use those words while on a national game show... that happens at 6:30 if you're interested! Ollie is an ASSHOLE!!

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