Sunday, August 10, 2008


Last night a bunch of us had dinner with Dennis Rodman, former basketball player of the Chicago Bulls.

He's been labeled a freak, faggot and a few other 'F' words I believe. I label him with the word FABULOUS!

A group of eight of us were having an extremely difficult time getting a table at the hotels Asian restaurant - until Rodman came up and told management to get us a table. He quickly left us and did his own thing with his two girls and manager but returned later on and joined us at our table to talk gay politics, culture and pop culture.

There were a few outburts when Rodman misheard a comment by someone sitting next to me. It got a bit heated and uncomfortable to the extent that our friend left the table. Everyone was pretty enamored by Rodman but it bugged me that he was rude to the cutie sitting next to me so I had to say something to Rodman and speak my mind - you know me. Overall I was generally honest with him and told him that there is a time to listen and a time to talk and when he should have been listening he wasn't, instead he was talking and thats why he misheard the dude.

DID I SAY THAT? Yup, I did!

I also had to throw in that I remember the days of him and Madonna going to various clubs in WeHo and in LA in the mid-90's... the whole argument before was when the cutie sitting next to me mentioned to Rodman that the first time he met Rodman was at The Cheesecake Factory and he was with a girl in a small dress and some heels on.
Rodman thought he said that he saw him in a dress and some heels at a restaurant he owned. WTF???? Talk about mistaken!

Overall Rod was a great person and was extremely blunt about being within the porn culture, the gay culture and being a proponent for gay folk. Pretty awesome huh?

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