Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Last night some of my coworkers and I walked down to Old Town Pasadena after work to celebrate Pranee's birthday! Pranee is easily one of the sweetest people I know, in every sense of the word! Everytime it's a special occasion at our restaurant she makes her mothers infamous spring rolls for the entire crew. Beside that she always has patience and time set aside for you if you ever need her... she needs to have kids but she doesn't want them unfortunatly!

We went to Freds Mexican Cafe after work and had a great time drinking their amazingly strong margaritas and cheap - but GREAT tacos. Every Tuesday they have these amazing tacos for two dollars... you gotta go if you're in town! I think Michael and I had three margaritas each and then he had to finish Pranee's, poor thing had to go throw up in the bathroom becuase her tiny body couldn't handle all that tequila and texas tacos (Texas Tacos consisted of BBQ pulled pork and Onion Rings).

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