Friday, August 8, 2008


I didn't get broken up with by a text message for the record and share the same
fate that Carrie did with Burer. I know that was the general assumption from my last blog about me and my plans with the guy I am currently
dating but that's not entirely true.

Yes, me and my 'blast from the past' finally did talk, and
yes I did tell him how I felt. We had lunch yesterday at
The Corner Bakery in Pasadena, catching up on diffent things
that have been going on - most importantly me being pissed
for him cancelling on me TWICE!!

My blast from the past once again explained to me that he
is into me and that he wants re-get to know me but he has
been so busy. Yah, yah, yah - I know what you're saying
no one is 'that busy,' and I agree!!

Whenever I hear the word 'busy' I think of people like Ryan
Sechrest who works from dawn until dusk almost every day
when American Idol is taping. Busy is just a state of mind in
the year 2008, right?

Anyway, I was hoping to see him before I left on vacay/biz
travel but that didn't happen. I have to say he knows how
to kiss and I haven't had that kiss in a few weeks so
I want it again - and more badly!

Time for a small nap... blog later!

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