Sunday, August 10, 2008


If you want drama, I have drama!

I think yesterday was the most drama-filled day I've ever had in an extremely long time and I need to get it off of my chest - again. I've told a gazillion people but
I think I need to just blurt it out in words so it's out there and I can move on.

I met a lot of boys this weekend and I am not used to that. Actually, when I think about it, I met a lot of white boys and I'm not used to that. Besides meeting boys I had an old problem come back to haunt me and I found myself explaining myself all over again to people I've already given the explanations, apologies and the entire story to.

I may or may not rehash it on my website, I am considering my options or revenge. I really look the company the model works for and I genuinely feel bad for the model because of his living situation and shit like that, however he has made me look like a villian because he can't come to grips with his sexuality. I am bitter, very bitter actually. Not cause I was rejected by him but by him playing the victim. If you want to know the full story just ask, I won't give names or company names - yet but I feel if this boy has damanged my crediblity with people I'm not sure if it's right to go ahead and do the same thing to him. Is it?

Besides all the secret phone number passes to me so other boyfriends/dates wouldn't see, a hot man in leather (and a dirty jock) making out with me several times, plus a hot unknown porn star catching my eye time and time again I am not sure what is worth writing about and not.

I guess you can say I was bombarded with boys and as I previously stated its not that common for me *wink*

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