Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Flying the friendly skies - LITERALLY!!!!

On my airplane ride home yesterday I wasn't in ANY mood to speak with somone on the plane. I partied until nearly 6 a.m. two nights in a row and been a triple mess - just ask Rich, he'll tell you *wink*.

I think I got a few hours sleep before I had to get ready to head to the airport.. ugh, a 5 hour flight home, not very exciting, at least I was in first class - THANKS COLLIN O'NEAL!!!!

I slowly got comfortable and told myself I couldn't partake in the free wine, soda, bottled water, warm face towels, good food, great dessert or freshly baked cookies - UGH what a sacrifice. Maybe that's my problem and why I'm so fat: no self control, eh... oh well I look pretty hot still!

A guy in his mid-50's sat next to me and quickly pulled out his Mac Book Air and iPhone, starting to work and edit some documents. Who could have predicted that him and I had so much common? We started talking and I found out that he lives in Signal Hill, a few minutes from my old apartment in Long Beach, loves Mac - actually he owns a few stores that sell Apple Products Exclusively! Larry is also gay and met his lover/boyfriend/husband in 1978 (the year I was born) at Ripples in Long Beach.
His mom has cancer but is not in remission, he'll see in about three months to see if the surgery and treatments she has undergone have worked successfully, eitherway
the doctor said that she has about six months to live.

I didn't get a picture of Larry but what an amazing man!!!

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