Sunday, August 17, 2008


I haven't told that many people but there was one person who really had me stressing at the interNEXT convention.

This particular model from a certain studio (I adore the studio btw) has made up lies and attempted to protect his STR8 demeanor and has continued to try and discredit who I am... that's extrmely hard to do bud!!

I am so tempted to go public with this guys name and make his image, name and lively hood into mud. This pathetic little blonde boy with a small --- has obviously been going from gay man to gay man asking them for coke, groping them and begging for threeways - this I've heard from direct, credible - VERY CREDIBLE sources and now I know that this kid is just a looney bin and needs to be stopped.

What's preventing me? I really do admire the studio he works for, in particular the CEO. I also feel really bad for this kid who cried in my room for over an hour about his family life and different crappy situations.

Should I go forward with my story and make this kid eat the crap he gave to me last weekend or just sit on my hands? Damon Kruezer, GayPornBlog, GayPornTimes? Who wants the story... I'm so ready to break it!

I guess for right now I will stay quiet... at least I know I'M NOT CRAZY!!!

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Necessary1 said...

not a good idea in the grand scheme of life..

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