Saturday, October 13, 2007


Thank God this week is over - Saturday is here alas! Last night I dreamt about going back to school and waiting tables – very strange especially since today I have an interview at a restaurant in Pasadena (wish me luck). For those who don’t know too much about me I used to wait tables – 10.5 years at Mimi’s Café to be exact. Ever since I started my job at Cybersocket I missed waiting tables. I know it sounds weird coming from someone who has a degree but waiting tables was so exciting and fun – taxing on your feet but fun nonetheless. The restaurant I am applying at is a very nice restaurant that has expensive meals – definitely not Mimi’s Café prices! Comparatively at Mimi’s Café two people could eat for under $30 for dinner and under $20 for lunch… Not the case at the place I am going to be interviewing today. I have a good feeling about this place and the food is impeccable so I am excited!

If you missed my earlier post this week I put my resignation in at Cybersocket – my last day being November 9, 2007 – 11 days before my birthday!
Cybersocket wanted to find a replacement for me as soon as possible so by Thursday afternoon they interviewed some applicants and made their decision. Starting on Monday I start training my replacement – I am actually excited about handing over the possession of the magazine and to see what direction he takes it!

This morning I spoke to my friend Collin O’Neal about his business and the exciting things that he has going on around him as well. I have said this before but Collin is one of the few guys from the adult industry that I genuinely trust and consider like a brother. Him and Rich, his business partner have always been warm and welcoming to me - they are just normal guys and big success will come to them. I remember when I first met Collin, Chi Chi contacted me and told me that her friend Collin O'Neal was in town and wanted to be booked at Cocktails with the Stars on a Thursday night. Now again, if you know me, I am not so quick to have just any white boy come down to CWTS and show their ass off! I am generally not attracted to, don't trust and don't like other white guys... LOL, no it's not self-racism, instead it's just my preference on who I choose to associate with! I remember coming home from work one night and I called Collin and spoke to him. I could instantly tell that he was not too receptive and was unsure of who I was. To make an already long story short, he loves Latin guys as well and is not attracted to white guys either - yes, we were made to be friends!!!

From then on Collin, Rich and myself would meet up in Las Vegas, Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles to hang out and check out the gay parties. I remember one night last January we went to Vegas and were ringside for what was to be a female mud wrestling contest... we should have stayed but we didn't. Say Collin, what ever happened to those photos???

Wow, it seems as if 2008 is going to be a year of change… dramatic change!! I wish I could speak of all the business ventures I have planned for 2008 but I guess you’re just going to have to wait and see what I’m talking about – in fact after November 9, I can give more details!

Stay tuned…


filmfanatikk said...

Good luck, Scotty!! And I am in the exact same boat as you. I left Universal and now work at a great restaraunt on Ventura blvd. Great food, great money, short hours, flexible days off. All I'm missing is benefits, so keep that in mind.

Call me and let me know how it goes!

Happy Saturday!!

Karen said...

how did the interview go? when will you hear something?? whats the name of the restaurant? x

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