Thursday, October 4, 2007


It makes me feel so good when people hunt me down when I am out and about and tell me how much they miss Cocktails with the Stars! Every time I go out I get compliments and inquiries of when CWTS is returning, when Micky's will open back up and if I will be the returning host of the show.

Honestly, I know the answers to two of those three questions. I do know that CWTS is coming back and I know that Micky's will be rebuilt - but if I will be the returning host I have no clue... that's up to Micky's management and Jason, lead bartender and promoter of the weekly event.

I have not spoken about CWTS on my blog since its inception because it's a very taboo topic. I feel that if I talk too much about it and expect to get asked back and it doesn't happen that would be very sad... and funny at the same time for my assumptions.

Many people have asked me to start up a CWTS-esque show and so far I am reluctant to accept. Micky's was a very basic format with no frills and could have used a kick in the ass or the wallet but money never seemed to be incorporated into the promotion. except for the weekly porn star payments, my pay, and advertisements in Odyssey. In no way am I talking shit, but my theory is 'if you want to make money you have to spend money' and with numerous other shows around town competing, doing similar promotions should put management in a position to step-up their game in a show. I liked the format of Micky's show overall, no complaints. Besides the fact that I begged for a new banner, which is now gone and they are FORCED to get a new one - bitter sweet, very bitter sweet!

So besides people coming up to me asking questions another thing that makes me so fuckin' proud to be a part of the show is when people send me photos or videos.
One friend in particular (  ) he shall remain anonymous *wink* created two beautiful videos incorporating two of my favorite things in this world: hot men and depeche mode!

Check out what he did they are amazing...thanks babe... whoever you are!!!! =)

Stay tuned...

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filmfanatikk said...

I miss CWTS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Feels like it's been gone forever.

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