Tuesday, October 2, 2007


I am beginning to loathe text messaging!!

As it is (even though I text message everyday) I believe that for the most part people text message for all the wrong reasons.

Sure, a good segment of the population text’s one another to say “I’m Running Late,” “I Love You,” or “What is the address, I’m in a meeting,” but I think a bigger segment of the population text messages people because they want to avoid that conversation/argument they’ve been dreading so the “obvious” solution is text arguing or the person wants to say something to another person that they couldn’t verbally say so they thought they’d write it.

This weekend I ran into a similar predicament except for the fact was if I could have called the guy I would have done so instead of relying on text communication.

So you see, sometimes new technology isn’t so welcomed, although I don't think I will stop texting anytime soon! =)

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