Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Have you ever asked yourself the following question: Are you more mentally strong or physically strong?

Tonight when I was watching Kid Nation on CBS they awarded the $20,000 gold star to an eight year old that they described as not necessarily physically strong because of her age but mentally strong because of the way she managed the town store and interacted with the other kids - oh, and it was her ninth birthday too!

Anyway, it got me thinking, sometimes we can be more mentally stronger than physically stronger and the really good people in this world can keep a great balance of both at all times... the few, the proud, the fortunate!

When Sagat was in town he met up with a guy who was physically strong but was mentally week and insecure - that is the most unattractive trait ever in a guy for me and Sagat seemed a bit annoyed by it too. I haven't dated any guys who were insecure about themselves to the point that it was obvious. Of course we all have our weaknesses but I believe it takes a strong person to acknowledge those and then move on, don't lament on them and obsess - there's no point!

I again cried this week at the outstanding job all the kids did. And it amazed me for another week the power of a hug! When was the last time you gave someone a hug and meant it? Hugs are pretty powerful, in fact there are some people that have tried to give hugs to as many people as possible. Infectious and heartwarming, hugs are quite possibly the best gift on earth if done right.

Speaking of infectious and heartwarming, yesterday Annie Lennox came out with her new CD called "Songs of Mass Destruction." One of my favorite songs by the diva is "WHY." I recall her singing this song during the summer time for Live 8 in London, check it out, it certainly gets its message across loud and clear. Oh, her new album is amazing too!

Good night and stay tuned...


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