Monday, November 17, 2008


Wow, I was actually shocked that people have missed my music postings - do people actually care what kind of music I like to listen to? Last week I was shocked to see that Brandy dropped a new single, and that she will be releasing a new album in December - her first in four years. Whenever I think of Brandy I think of Ari Gold, he loves him some Brandy - not only does he think that every track that she has released over the years has been solidly produced but he loves her vocals - I have to agree 75 percent of the time, most of her tracks are bombshells and insanely creative!

Her new track is vastly different, it actually takes ten steps back to the ballad she released in 1995 for the 'Waiting to Exhale' soundtrack called "Sitting in my Room," remember that track? It was a cute track and had a great hook - perfect for radio play! Her first track of her new album, due out in December is called 'Long Distance,' which grabbed my attention for numerous reasons: mainly because my boyfriend will be leaving for 25 days to Italy and I won't see him for Christmas - probably the most important holiday to me (not for religious reasons.)

I, like Oprah, share the logic that music is the soundtrack of our lives and this song couldn't have come at a better time - I truly believe that this song will get me through the 25 days of not seeing him =( What do you think of it? Give it a whirl and a twirl!

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