Thursday, November 20, 2008


Today is my birthday and I can't believe the day is almost over - it's 4 p.m. and the day has FLOWN by! All there's left to do is hopefully the ITalian *wink* and dinner with him!

This morning I was awaken by the numerous text messages and phone calls that people usually make on someone's birthday - nothing special or unordinary, just a bunch of sweet people calling me and wishing me the best day ever. Sister in particular was so awesome because she was the first one I spoke to this morning on her way to work and as I laid in bed trying to wake up, keeping one eye on Regis & Kelly and the other eye trying to find my dog in my room.

After I hung up with Sister I called Burke Williams and booked my 10:15 a.m. massage at the Pasadena location. FYI - the Pasadena locale is tucked in a small alley in the middle of Old Town Pasadena - steps away from the hustle and bustle of the busy pavement, the store is a beautiful escape! The treatment that I've wanted to try out for a long time has been the Savannah Surrender and since sister gave me a 20 percent discount for any services as well as a $100 gift certificate for the spa (Joseph gave it to me as well last year for my birthday.) The Savannah Surrender treatment is described on the site as:

"Fall under the spell of this enchanting treatment and you'll emerge relaxed and stimulated, soothed and energized, all at the same time. It begins with Burke Williams Mineral Salts vigorously massaged into your skin. Next, the salt is rinsed off and your body is washed with exfoliating gloves and our own special cleanser. Immediately, a warm, organic mud is applied. This is followed by a bath of cascading waters that literally wash away stress and tension. Finally, an invigorating peppermint-menthol application leaves your body tingling and your senses awakened."

Sounds nice? Well the description doesn't do the signature spa treatment justice at all. The spa in general is a tranquil space, however the room that the massage took place is was pretty amazing. I walked into the room that was dressed in a red haze with eight shower heads suspended over a wet bed - that's the best way to describe it! Kathy, my masseuse, was beyond incredible and I felt obligated to give her a 20 percent tip because of her professionalism and thorough job. I have to say that if you are insecure and uptight about your body then this might, or might NOT be the best treatment for you. To be honest the towel you are given to cover your butt is tiny and just when you think you have covered your butt entirely the masseuse will fold it in half so even more of your private areas are covered - LOL! I'm not the one to be bashful when it comes to people seeing me naked so I didn't hesitate but I can imagine others being bothered or feel uncomfortable.

After properly adjusted the warm water showers started cleansing my skin. After the water was finished drenching me from head to toe the abrasive salt scrub was rubbed into my skin - also from head to toe. To bring an already long story to a close if you want to hear all about the amazing treatment log onto:

I HIGHLY recommend the service and although it's a little pricey it's worth the fee because with the treatment you can take advantage of their spa where you can stay all day, if you want, and relax. From a steam room, a dry sauna, a luxurious hot tub, numerous cold showers, showers - both contemporary and a rustic old school shower, plus many grooming essentials this is a great way for men (or women) to relax for a day in Pasadena!

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