Sunday, November 16, 2008

W00 - H0LY- H00!!!


Rev. Susan Russell was extremely pertinent in getting the word out about the rally yesterday (that is her bog above, make sure you check out the slide show - I tried to take it so I could post it on my site but I think it take a Mac Genius and that's clearly not me *wink*! I said it numerous times during the rally and it's worth repeating that the church called me with no ulterior motive but to spread love and the word that marriage shouldn't be taken away from anyone! Unheard of right? Wrong! Turns out there are numerous gay friendly churches throughout the SGV, including Pasadena. It's funny, last weekend my neighbor was telling me that every church is gay friendly - that they don't teach gay is wrong and they love everyone *that was the gist of our convo* also that they have services/prayers for AIDS and hospices etc... basically the church(es) were compassionate - I beg to differ. My old church, Annunciation is much like my fathers new family, they choose not to talk about gay or homosexuality - because if you don't acknowledge it then it doesn't exist - however we all know that the churches don't condone it and would rather NOT talk about it then address it - no blood on their hands!

I am a little off topic. I guess the main point of this email was to give a shout out to Rev. Russell and how amazing her and her staff were - Juan especially were this entire week! Below are some pics to tease you from Rev. Russell's site, make sure you log onto her blog and say HELLO!!!

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