Friday, November 28, 2008


It's Tuesday and I am just barely getting around to updating this blog from my weekend birthday bash in Hollywood. Wow, I must say the party went off without a hitch and I do believe that everyone in attendance had a great time and enjoyed themselves immensley.

The night started off by the ITalian getting to my house nice and early - I love when he is prompt and early, my nerves are settled that much easier. I have to hand it to him that he is ALWAYS on time and if he's running late he will tell me, I can't tell you how much I appreciate that, it shows a true sense of consideration and that he cares.

Giving be a barrage of gifts is putting it lightly! I don't usually enjoy getting extravagant gifts for my birthday but he went there - oh yes he did. He walked into my house with a beautiful brown/greenish bed-in-a-bag as well as a oil air freshener * hint, hint *! As I was busy getting ready for the evening he said he had to go grab his backpack out of the car - nothing too unusual until he walked into the house with a huge 32" flat screen television. Yah, impressive. I started crying, no joke! A television? Are you kidding me? This is what I had been saving up for... I was lost for words and was ecstatic to say the very least.

After the surprise of the gift wore off we had to get our shit together and jet to Pasadena to grab Wendy and pick up the 4 dozen balloons I ordered. As we were driving on the freeway towards Beckham Grill to nab Wendy I cautiously surveyed the ITalians car to see if his car could even fit 48 balloons - GOD please don't have us make two separate trips!!!

When we picked up Wendy she had brought me a plant and three balloons - great all we needed was three more balloons to fit in the car - eh, oh well... it's fine.

Fast forward 30 minutes we are at Ralphs and get a $10 discount on teh balloons and then realize just how many balloons we had to fit in the small SUV he has. But we did it... I have to admit that it was hilarious cramming them into the car and then having Wendy sit in the middle of them all.

Fast forward past the three mile car ride down Sunset Boulevard, we got to Isla Cantina and started setting up, we had the entire back restaurant and thanks to Wendy she made the place look extremely nice and professional, God knows I wouldn't have been able to do what she did. Also on the table was tiny sombreros, candy necklaces *both were extremely popular * lollipops, and confetti.

I was only expecting 20 to 25 people for dinner but that number quickly doubled to almost 40... way more than the initial conservative count.

After dinner, Igor, the owner, brought over three bottles of bubbly for the entire party to sip on and they brought out my NOW infamous rainbow layered, vodka Jello mold stuffed with pineapple and cherries soaked in vodka - yah, lethal!

Over the next several hours people came and came and came... it was a truly an affair to remember filled with lots of fusion drinks, sangria and amazing friends - both new and old!

At the end of the night I was in pretty bad shape, I guess I will leave it at that... until next year *wink*!

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