Monday, November 17, 2008


Like an acorn on the head *WHOP!!!* I woke up this morning and instantly started thinking about the passage of Proposition 8 and what it means in our society. One thing that came to mind is: isn't it scary that a state can enact a law/rewriting AGAINST the constitution ONLY BY A SIMPLE VOTE??? I am serious, think about that for a minute. Would it be just as easy to write something into our constitution to say that blacks didn't have the right to get married by a vote (even though we know it would NEVER pass). Isn't it scary to think that we can write any amendment into the constitution just by a vote? It sounds a bit scary to me and I think we all know from past lessons in history that just because something is part of the majority does NOT make it the right view!

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fatenoir said...

playing devils advocate.....because sometimes it needs to be said.

right then.

if you dont want a democracy - where majority vote by the people rules - what do you propose??

i am ABSOLUTELY!!!!! not trying to make light of prop 8, but in our parents life time there was segregation....can you even fathom that?! we (well me at least) are nearly old enough to have known it.
segregation only ended for good like 40 years ago. doesnt that blow your mind? it does mine.

gay rights while no less important, are still much newer historically (at least on a broad scale) - in fact if history class memory serves segregation ended just before stonewall. so while one was finally starting to be resolved (i still dont think it is even with obama....) another was starting.

there have been many leaps and bounds made in our lifetime in terms of gay rights, (and yes setbacks too) i see this more as a speedbump, not a roadblock - the public outcry i think shows that. isnt california one of the first states to even legalize (albeit breifly) gay marriage? i honestly dont know. but it is def not the norm for america. yet.

if anything blame bush for DOMA. wtf is that anyway? stupid christian conservatives.

in another generation they will look at the lack of gay rights we have now - the way we look at segregation - with a wtf? huh? what the eff were they thinking!

just some outside thoughts...


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