Sunday, November 23, 2008


Have you received any this year? My household has gotten four or five Thanksgiving cards, and I hope this is not a continuing trend. As it is I am not a Christmas card sender and I always feel tremendously bad about it. Every year I promise myself that the following year I will start early and send cards out to everyone in my life but it never happens. Not to change the topic, I feel that people are sending Thanksgiving cards to me and while I understand the logic I don't think I need an Easter, Christmas, New Years, Chanukah, and now Thanksgiving - ugh!

Anyway, that's my two cents on the greeting cards, however I should bite my tongue, those cards put food in my mouth, some of you know my mom worked for American Greetings for a few decades. =)

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fatenoir said...

i send post cards, and xmas cards. or i have in the past. this years have mostly gone out. yours hasnt. there are a few stragglers still. i usually send bday cards too - this year a few have slipt thru due to the move. snail mail is nice to rec'v. esp from people that you rarely see (or never call you *hint*). at least i think it is?? i havent rec'vd any cards in a long time from anyone other than gary (from the wedding) hes really the only snail mailer that is regular. he has lots of time being a flight attendant to write. and he does :)

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