Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Every once in a while when I get a little down I log onto the local Pasadena Humane Society to see the dogs that need a home. This doesn't necessarily cheer me up but I can cruise through the pictures and ads and see these beautiful dogs knowing that virtually all the dogs are so loving and beautiful that they will all be adopted... SOON! One dog in particular I wanted to go adopt, but I can't - yet! However if you want to adopt this dog *you see above* I suggest you log onto the Pasadena Humane Society and look for dog D#A239170. How lovable does this pretty girl look!!!

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doug said...

Oh my god - she's my dog Buck's twin!!! Except Buck is 8 years old - but they could totally be related - he's from the Burbank shelter. Awww - I love her.

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