Saturday, November 15, 2008


Today is the day, we will see you at 10:30 a.m. SHARP! The rally will take place in front of Pasadena City Hall... look for me and please say HELLO, it will undoubtedly make my day! Bring signs, a positive attitude and history will be made! I can't wait to meet and see everyone - let's hope for a HUGE turnout!!!!


lmonteros said...

Good rally today, Scott! I'm sure the reason TV wasn't there is because they are all out covering the fires.

Just a point of information: All Saints has certainly been in the forefront of gay rights in Pasadena, but there are other churches that welcome and support GLBT folks as well. I passed a demonstration at First Congregational (Los Robles & Walnut) right before the election and saw several of my friends from Pasadena Presbyterian at the rally today. In Altadena, the UCC church, and I'm sure many other churches in the area as well.

Keep hope alive!

David said...

Thank you, thank you, Scott, for organizing the rally today. I live in Van Nuys and considered joining half a million of my closest friends in downtown L.A., but I live in the valley and wanted to support our side of the hill. Spread the visibility. Magnificent event and wonderful to have speakers from different areas of life and experience.

See you in January. To Celebrate!

-David Jones

Emmanuel said...

That was a great congregation! I'm glad I was a part of it! We must keep fighting for our rights and not lose momentum! Keep our voices heard loud and proud! :)

Can we have a list of the names of the speakers? I'd like to know more about them and their organizations/churches. Also, I did not have a sign, but I took a LOT of videos and photos. I've also partially lost my voice. ;)

Where can I share my photos and videos?

Scott said...

We live in Santa Clarita and had intended to go to the rally in Pasadena today. I'm sorry to say we were blocked by the fires and couldn't make it. (All 3 freeways out were blocked) I'd love to see pictures. With so much coverage of the fires we haven't seen any news of the rallies yet.

fatenoir said...

how did it go????

ps. for the music free zone

fatenoir said...

thanks that is :D

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