Thursday, September 6, 2007


What a tumultuous hour for the Big Brother household - thankfully my girl Jameka wasn't voted out - yet, but now she is the only black girl in the house.

Usually the saying says "EVIL NEVER WINS," but for once I think that's not true. It is definitly so SAD that Dick and Danielle will be in the final two - with one of them leaving the house with a half a million dollars!

Personally, I don't know why Zach didn't change the exchange Eric for Dick. Eric would have voted for Dick, Danielle would have voted for Jameka and Zack - well if he was smart would vote for Dick. That would end the Dick and Danielle dynasty - but he didn't!

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filmfanatikk said...

I agree totally! Zack really missed his chance. I was hoping for Jessica to win, but my hopes were dashed last night. Go, Jameeka!


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