Wednesday, September 19, 2007

physical therapy sucks...

I haven't blogged in a few days - laziness mixed with weekly job pressures have gotten to me, so the to the five people reading, I am sorry! *wink*

This morning I had to wake up 15 minutes earlier than I normally do to make a physical therapy appointment. Yes my friends, my back and neck have gotten so bad that now I am going to appointments to get them back in shape. I don't feel too optimistic about the therapy sessions but I have no choice I guess. Anyone else out there ever had to receive physical therapy as a result of a car accident and it helped? I guess I need some support!

The numerous exercises they gave me to perform made me feel as if I was an 80-year old man at a retirement home, i felt totally ridiculous, but again, I have no choice! There were a few hotties there that were also physical therapists, but of course, my luck I got the girl instead!

My next appointment is on Monday at 7 am - wow, I haven't woken up at 6:15 since i worked at Mimi's Cafe over a year ago - time for some reconditioning!

Nothing else to report here, except Yom Kippur is this weekend so I will be seeing my family for that and the following weekend is Sukkot, my next blog I will tell you about Sukkot and why it's so important to me and the Jewish faith!

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Karen said...

sukkot?? never heard of it :/ you must educate us heathens ;) xx

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