Saturday, September 15, 2007


This weekend we have five people living in the house: Greg, Myself, Rob, JJ, Nacho and Nano!

Wow, writing that out has made me just realize something, there's just as many dogs in the house as there are humans... scary! Nacho (left) and Nano (right) belong to my good friend Jorge. Jorge needed me to watch his children while he was away and I couldn't say no.

Jorge and I are war buddies - isn't that what Carrie Bradshaw called her and Mr. Big? Jorge and I have been through it all and have still somehow remained friends. I met him when I was 21 years old and well, if you want the full story with all the dirt you either have to wait for the book or just ask me when I am up for telling a story. Eitherway, as it stands now Jorge and I trade stories about past, present and future "boyfriends" - I LOVE IT! If you want to see who this fellow is he is on my MySpace top friends list under "YOUR PARTNER IN CRIME."

Anyhoo, it's been crazy trying to get the three dogs in sync - but it's worked, again...somehow! They all don't jive well in the house so I have to seperate them at all times, but I must admit in the last few hours JJ is less concerned with the dogs being on his territory.

When we all three take walks it is AMAZING! All the dogs get along, they walk well together and don't fight. I swear the first time we did it I almost cried because of the harmony. Tomorrow I intend on taking a picture of it so you all can see it - it's fab!

Okay, I am going to go shit, shower and shave! Stay tuned...

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