Thursday, September 6, 2007

If I was to ever leave Cybersocket I would miss Brandon Baker the most!

True, he has absolutely no affiliation with the company, other than sharing an office with us but when Brandon is here he makes my day!

With Brandon you know you're always going to get the complete truth and (usually) his undivided attention. I predict great things for Brandon in the future - wow, isn't that sad how I can predict his GREAT future, yet the crystal ball is... well, anything but crystal for me!

If I had to attach three words to Brandon's name they would be:
1. Worldly
2. Giving
3. Grateful

Now the boy ain't perfect - he's got a long way to go- as we all do, but he is a guy I would love to shadow for a month. "What ever doesn't kill me would only make me stronger!"

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Brandon Baker said...

I am so blushing, you have no idea. *wink* ...that makes two sets of pink cheeks I have now. *wink*
Thanks for those compliments. ...that means so much to me.
I don't know if many people would use the same three words, but that's their choice. *hehe*

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