Saturday, September 8, 2007


I tend to think very highly of my friends - that's a fact! When push comes to shove I consider myself a loyal friend who will always stick up for my closest friends and will go to bat for them 24/7.

While I have many acquaintances, I have to admit that I have very few friends - and I like it like that. Done intentionally, I choose to surround myself with a lot of people but invite very few people in to get to know who I truly am!

Friends are so important to me, and the ones I do have I thank God for them almost everyday. With my recent car accident I have realized who my friends are. One in particular is TJ. TJ has come to my aid just with his random phone calls to check on me and to ask if I need anything - those phone calls I truly appreciate. I know TJ will never read this so I feel comfortable to say that he is a great friend that not too many people know and I am lucky - i don't want to share him!

In regards to friends, I just read an article on Francois' blog about his work in the porn industry. Him and I spoke in length about ways he addresses people that he used to work for and we agreed to disagree on the convo - which doesn't matter, i still love and respect him. I won't go into the logistics of everything but I hate to see people hold grudges. My brother tends to do this and I feel as if it brings out the worst in you. I firmly believe in forgiving the other and moving on. I purposely don't stay mad and harbor any ill feelings toward anyone after a certain point - not only does this makes me feel better as a person but I truly believe that it invites good karma into my life.

Reading his latest interview, which you can read by clicking here you can read all about my friend and find out more about him. I am glad that I can call him my friend because he is a great, kind man! Reading his interview, and I hope he forgives me for what I have to say, but I don't think he gives himself enough credit.

Francois is a humble guy who doesn't really know how much power and positive energy he possess. Good people like him it makes me angry when people take advantage of him and I know many people who have treated him cruely and taken advantage of his niceness. I am not psychic by any means but I can't wait to see what develops in his life - he will be very successful.

Another person who I also love dearly and you will find out more about is my Karen.
Karen is a girl who marches to her own drummer - to say the least. Getting married yesterday (Saturday, August 8, 2007) in Las Vegas, I will update my blog more tomorrow to tell you about my weekend in Vegas. Karen and the rest of the wedding party can attest that for me the weekend was both memorable and agonizing because of my back and neck injuries!

Love you all...good night my friends~!

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filmfanatikk said...

Good for you. Holding a grudge takes to much energy. Focus on the positive and keep the happy vibes vibing. :0)

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