Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Wow, what a great episode! I was floored by the first ten minutes - killing a chicken? Are you kidding me? I can already hear some parents throughout the country screaming at the TV how horrible that is but I do think it does teach kids where their meat comes from. Is it the end of innocence? Perhaps - but it does give them something to think about!

I feel as if I am these kids parents - I am proud of them all!!!!

I think there were numerous kids that stoodout this week as go-getters.

Michael, the recepient of the $20,000 prize this week has shown so much maturity and strength this week and didn't seem so jaded when told last week that he could get the $20,000 star like Greg did. I was also amazed when he said that his parents deserved the money...these kids are all amazing, truly unselfless and working together as a team!

I have to admit Greg did have stars in his eyes last week, literally, when told that he could be the recepient of the star if he worked hard enough. I am not sure if he grew up this week and pitched in to wash dishes and slaughter the chickens ONLY to win the money but I do think that THIS week he did step up and showed that he is a jack of all trades. The boy made it known this week that he has experience in killing game, and that he knows how to do the basics of plumbing. For a 15 year old kid that is pretty impressive!
By the end of the show when he didn't win he seemed pissed and I can only imagine what he's going to do next week! I am curious to know what would have happened next week if he was the winner of the star. Would he be a slacker for the rest of the show because he already won the money, or would he step up as a team player even more? I guess we will never know!

I admire Emilie for her convictions and then deciding to stay. I can imagine how hard it was to watch that chicken get slaughtered but she did watch it and stuck by her teammates even though she firmly disagreed with their opinions. You Go Girl, I am curious to see if she gets any more comfortable about killing more chickens, it is bound to come up again!

Finally, I think Jared is a cutie and a little comedian waiting to blossom! I enjoy his one-liners and I truly think he is a budding star set to play the next Screech! =)

I can't wait for next week.... I am officially addicted to this show - such a great drama and an easy way to cry!

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