Saturday, September 1, 2007


January 14, 1939 - September 1, 2004

Today is such a special, yet solemn day for me and my family. Three years ago my mom passed from this life and went directly to heaven. While I was sitting at the cemetery today (and let me tell you it is not a rickety old cemetery, on the contrary Rose Hills is a sprawling community of beautiful chapels, man made waterfalls and graves. Every denomination is there which makes it that much more beautiful and diverse... it's very peaceful!) I was thinking of how the three years since she has passed feels more like five or six. Most people that comment on those who have passed from this life usually say the opposite - that time has gone by very fast. I guess I make the opposite argument because so much has happened in the past three years that being without here for three years might as well be five or six. From me graduating college, to my my brother graduating and my dad getting remarried - a lot has happened.

I picked the song above as a fitting accompaniment because she absolutely loved The Wizard of Oz and the song is so beautiful. Those who knew my mom can attest that she was a great lady who believed in always giving people her opinion and also believed in having a fresh batch of cookies in the cookie jar for anyone who stopped by. She is missed every second of the day, I also find it amazing that her baby pictures almost look identical to mine. Her face and mine look EXACTLY alike when we were children, in fact there is so much about her that I see in myself today. Usually people say that when they grow up they don't want to be like their parents and usually kick themselves when they see traits of their parents develop within themselves - I'm the exact opposite! When I do something or say something my mom used to do or say I chuckle and know that she is right next to me!

I love you mom!

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