Friday, September 28, 2007


This weekend I am headed to San Francisco for Folsom Street Fair! It has become an annual trip now and I look forward to it every year!

Folsom Fair is a must see for anyone who hasn't been, but I love the pre-parties! I also found out that Scott #1 is also going up there with Rigo, that should also be cool to see them outside of LA. Rigo loves to dress up in his leather so they should both be a spectacle to say the least. =)

Last year I went with Stefano and two others and we had an amazing time. This year I hope will be the same. I haven't heard from Stefano in three or four weeks so I hope he is still going!

I am staying with Brandon and his RentBoy buddies and to tell you the truth that makes me very excited. I've never actually stayed in a hotel room with Brandon Baker and his minions and I think will be interesting! I always tell Brandon that if we had to trade places for a week I wouldn't last - no joke!

I also can't wait to see some of my buddies up in SF, but most of all I hope I run into Stefano! =)

Stay tuned...

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