Saturday, September 22, 2007


I just finished watching the very first episode of Kid Nation which airs on CBS on Wednesday nights at 8 p.m..

When the buzz of a show that takes 40 kids and drops them off in the middle of the desert for 40 days, left to create and manage a ghost town by themselves got out into the American news so many people were up in arms about it. Child labor laws were questioned, ethics were questioned, and most importantly the buzz of a show that essentially was a SURVIVOR for children created a lot of talk around the water cooler.

When the series debuted last Wednesday thousands of people tuned in to see what the buzz was all about. Many people came out really enjoying the show, while a lot of media outlets condemmed the show and shrugged their shoulders in boredom saying it wasn't compelling enough or that it wasn't done right. I know Ryan Sechrest showed no interest in the show, publicly saying he couldn't watch it, even trying to question and sway Survivor host, Jeff Probst's opinion about it.

Well I watched it and I really enjoyed it. It is ON DEMAND if you want to watch it at if you are even the slightest curious. I defintely recommend it! Already knowing that a lot of star struck parents sent their kids on the show hoping to turn their children reality experiment into tomorrow's Lindsay Lohan, is sad but there is nothing I can do about that. I would like to think that many of the parents sent their child believing that this show can change the world, change people's views on children and overall it would be a great social experiment.

I tend to be very conservative on what children are exposed to - especially ones that are under the age of 16, and God damn this show has kids from 8 to 15 years old! However in this case I believe this show will do nothing but help them thrive in society and make better human beings out of them. I can admit that I cried throughout the entire show. I was sad for these kids, happy for these kids, and most of all proud of these kids - the youngest especially!

I was sad that Jimmy (above) went home at the end, but he was 8 years old and said he missed his family.

I am happy that Taylor (above) stayed, even though she is a bit of a premadonna, saying that she is a beauty queen! And if you go to her mini-site on, sure enough she is!!!I think Sophia (above, the girl who won the $20,0000) was deserving but was acting like a bitch towards the end. I think Michael delivered two effective speeches and he should have gotten it or should get the star (money) next time around.

I was also impressed that the kids chose as their reward the seven additional outhouses rather than a television - that's commendable in my eyes! A TV is nice but the kids needed the extra bathrooms. 40 kids and one bathroom? That's not good at all!

Overall the first episode was amazing and I can't wait to watch the second episode this Wednesday night when they decide whether or not to kill a chicken!

If you guys are loving this show as well let me know, I don't want to feel so alone.
Hmmm, do you think I am too old to try out for Season Two?



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Karen said...

hype shmype. hated it. but i hate kids. i hope they all fail and get somenilla. i hate reality tv. they will go to any lengths and exploit anyone apparently for commercial ratings.

why the eff should i care if kids (or anyone) can function on their own?

*yaaaawnnn* is what i say.

haha. this cant possibly surprise you coming from me ;)

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