Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Today started out hot, rushed and painful. Overall this weekend was a very good LONG four-day weekend but Tuesday morning was pain!

Saturday I spent the entire day time by myself. I went out to West Hollywood with Joseph and met up with a bunch of his friends. If you don’t know Joseph, to say he has a lot of friends would be an understatement. His birthday parties usually have about 100 people – which is ridiculous to me, but admirable that he can keep in contact with that many people in one city!

Our first stop was Eleven to see Dee Dee and Joe, both good friends of mine, Joe was sweet enough to buy Joseph and I a drink of our choice. Every time I see Joe he buys me a drink, he is such a great guy to have around and I hope we can become better friends – definitely a positive attitude and warm to be around!

After Joseph and I headed over to East West Lounge to meet up with his friend who came to visit from NYC and also to see his other friends – Suzie & Danny. Danny is a hot catch, he seems very comfortable in gay settings, able to hold his own, while not having to make gay jokes every five minutes to reassure us gays that he is in fact straight – you know what I am talking about right? Suzie is just an all around sweetie too, she reminds me of Josephs friend Felidette. Overall we do enjoy Joseph’s girl friends more than his guy friends but Bryant sure has grown on us because of his quick wit, one-liners. Joel, another of Joseph’s friends is a sweetie too. I think he is going to make the perfect husband for another one day, two words to describe him would be focused and astute.

Later on in the night we wondered over to Motherlode to meet up with Greg, Tony, Dina (basically my sister) and Cesar and Danny also surprised us. Actually Cesar surprised me by not being able to control his hands down my pants but we still love him. He had plenty of liquor flowing in his system and I had one – I wasn’t ready to take this group of partiers on just yet.

Against my better judgment, Joseph and I then went to HERE Lounge where I had an extremely uncomfortable altercation with a unprofessional “business” man who I am an acquaintance with. We stayed for ten minutes at the most and while I was tempted to scream at Joseph “I TOLD YOU I DIDN’T WANT TO GO INSIDE.” I was happy the argument happened because I was just postponing the inevitable!
After we wondered to The Abbey where we finished the night off having a lot of fun for the 20 minutes we were there. I saw my gym bud Jammal and his friend James as well as Andre – yes the blacks were representing at The Abbey and thank God, these boys have some good energy!

Sunday I spent poolside with Dina and then Jesus and I headed out to Circus to check out the BiLatinMen wet party! It was hot, both literally and figuratively, and I was able to scope out this one guy I’ve been checking out at the gym for the past few months. With a boyfriend on his arm, this fellow is always kind to me when he sees me out and at the gym but we’ve never spoke. With a face and a body to match, this fellow intrigues me and I want to know more. Today (if I make it to the gym)
I will definitely pursue talking to him and finding out more about his world.

Speaking of pursuing, lately I’ve been running into this guy I used to talk to. I wouldn’t say we dated but we were interested in each other for a few weeks. I’m not sure what I feel for this guy, of if I feel anything at all but Monday night at Eleven I kept catching myself checking him out and seeing what he was up to. I have to admit he gave me flowers on my birthday last year so that was already a step in the right direction showing me that he is romantic but I’m not sure of what kind of connection we would have if we ever did date seriously. All-in-all he’s a total sweetie and I am content being his friend – for now!

I’m going to sign off for now but in conclusion and a teaser for the next blog, I am a bit sad for one of my friends right now. I received numerous text messages from him last night, that seemed as though he was a bit despondent about the guy he has been dating for almost a year now. My friend is a THE TOTAL PACKAGE, and it made me so sad to hear that his ex was being very evil to him and intentionally going out of his way to hurt him. Of course there are two sides to every story but just reading his text messages made me a bit sad! I LOVE YOU...YA KNOW WHO YOU ARE, AND I"LL SEE YOU SOON!!

In other words – be good to one another –

Talk soon and stay tuned…


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