Friday, September 21, 2007


This morning my friend Christian Owen instant messaged me with a "OH MY GOD," or something to that shocking effect!

When I clicked on this link FEAR PROMO I was utterly shocked, amazed and frankly disgusted at what I saw.

FEAR is the newest movie from Titan Media featuring my good friend Fran├žois Sagat and Tober Brandt. This movie is not for the faint of heart to say the least! When I got to work I immediately emailed Keith Webb, and had to tell him how amazed I was at the movies trailer! I hope they sweep the GayVN Awards and The WeHo XXX Awards this year. While he said it was a longshot I think these kinds of movies are the kind that evoke feeling, emotion and sexuality in other men - truly amazing.

Sagat looks like he is not digging this shit at all, it looked almost too real for my own eyes. Best Actor again for Sagat? I think so if he gets recognized for Breathless too! The only thing I don't care so far about the movie is their choice to incorporate more than one model on the box cover. Usually this is Titan's rule, however with this movie I think their best bet would have been to put Sagat on the cover solo! The posters they've been distributing with Sagat alone tied up are so effective. Check it out above, oh well... I am not the boss! =(


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