Thursday, September 13, 2007


Isn't it funny how one small action can cause a reaction, equally something so beautiful?

Deciding to talk my pup on his fifth walk today we trotted down to the neighborhood eatery called Jims Famous Burgers - there's nothing really FAMOUS about them, but they do give generous portions of french fries. I ordered JJ a small ice cream and myself one as well, we do this at least once a week! As I was starring at the beautiful new waiter they have recently hired in the last few months I looked over and saw my neighbor with her two kids.

Andrea was practically my best friend from seventh grade until junior year of high school. I remember when I first met her she didn't like me too much. I'm not sure if she thought I had a crush on her or if she flat out thought I was wierd - who knows. Eitherway I remember her telling my best friend Erica to tell me that she couldn't hang out with me because it was against her religion - ya' know the things kids say to other kids, so funny!

Andrea and I bonded and were always together. After school she was at my house, or i was at her house. Andrea and I were cool! My mom would often take her to school in the morning and we would hardly ever go a day without talking. My mom loved her and I thought the world of Andrea.

My junior year of high school we had an argument (he said, she said shit) that was passed through so many people that she decided to never speak with me again. I remember the next two years as being very sad because I cared for her so much as a friend and the things she claimed I knew I never said. I remember crying in the quad on numerous occasions because my conviction was so strong - needless to say we never became friends again and she went her way and I went mine.

Over the years her family and my family have never spoken and it weighs heavy on my heart. Her mom and dad were always nice to me but my family in particular really liked Andrea. When my mom passed I really did wish that Andrea was there to say goodbye - even if it was 9 years after we had last spoke. Yah, Andrea was a great friend - shit we had a crush on the same guy, I will not name who!

Whenever I see Andrea on the street we live on we have always ignored each other - 10 years of ignoring is a bit rediculous I think! I often think about her and always dream about her and her family. The most recent dream I had involving her and her mom was exceptionally sad. I dreamt that I had gone over to their house and approached the mom and made peace with her. Her mom essentially told me that they were okay with me, but not okay with my mom - in the dream my mom was still alive.

Tonight I made a decision to go over and make a move. While I understand it will not bring us back together as friends, hopefully I created some peace and small dialogue. Introducing myself to her two kids, I made small talk with her, smiled and told her about my child - JJ, who was waiting outside. She smiled and was nice, which was all that I wanted from her.

Next time I see her I am anxious if we exchange a wave or smile - I hope so, she is an incredible person and I miss smiling at her.

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