Wednesday, September 12, 2007


I thought today I would upload some old pictures of me and my friends from years past. Above is my good friend Johnny and I walking around a cold Boston two Christmas' ago! !
Above is one of the first guys I ever had a crush on. Byron was all man and had me wrapped around his little finger, and while it didn't work out for certain reasons, I respect him to this day because he never took advantage of my affection that I had for him. Byron and I still run into each other once in a while on a certain website, and i wish I could see him again, however Byron knows how to disappear very well - unfortunate. The only thing I can say about the picture above is P-I-M-P. The photograph was taken at my going away party before I left the city of Long Beach. The girls kissing me are Amy and Nicole...DAMN I LOVE THIS PICTURE!!!

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