Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Wow, a lot to get to today!! This might have to be broken up in two different posts! Let's see what I can get through in the next ten minutes of my break at work!

Last night I went to a new bar in Hollywood called Opera & Crimson, invited by my best friend Joseph Siyam (above). Opera & Crimson are two separate entities that can be divided by a wall or opened for a more spacious open atmosphere. Both parts of the club were beautiful, and done to the nines! The bartenders were very cute and the staff was extremely friendly - especially Brenda the security guard. We'd go back just for her alone! Throughout the night we went to her for any questions we had or if we wanted any of the GLBT gossip on her coworkers! We loved her!!! Brenda was her name right Joe? I hope so! Looking back I wish I would have taken pictures of her and the other happenings of the night, oh well, I have to be better prepared and keep my camera with me where ever I go!

Overall we had a great time socializing, networking and strutting our stuff all over the fabulous new bar! Predominately a straight bar six nights out of the week, last night as media night so it was anything but straight. Definitely a mixed crowd in attendance, the gays were out and about, seen holding hands, smooching and talking with their coworkers over free martini's and wine!

Thanks to Fingerprint Communications the bar was entirely open and guests could have whatever they wanted - but it was nice having the pretty waitresses holding trays with both red and white organic wine and different flavor martinis whenever we needed one.

The first hour Joe and I spent it alone, gawking at some cute guys, talking to numerous people he knew and sampling the hors d' ouevres. We met some really nice people that work for different facets of Hollywood entertainment. It's actually funny how many jobs are employed by Hollywood, you never really think about it until you hear of the jobs that are needed and created!

Next up Joe's friend Jesse met up with his! He brought his two straight friends along too! One looked very familiar and after the night had progressed I was realized that his friend used to be a dance at this gay bar in West Hollywood. I will leave his name and photos off of this blog because I don't want this blog to have a negative slant to it - (but we will call him Negative Nic for entertainment purposes), however this guy had some real issues last night, I am not sure what was up with him! He said he was an English/Journalism major yet didn't network at all! Last night would have been the ultimate opportunity to network, he chose to be a jerk and be short with everyone!

Jesse's other friend, I forget his name, but we will call him Adventurous Adam, was an interesting guy who loved to party, drink, and and pick up on women. Negative Nic says that Adventurous Adam has a "Wall of Shame" somewhere online or in his house filled with pictures of him and less than attractive women that he has met out and about. At Opera & Crimson they attempted to take a picture of this unsuspecting lady but I think she knew what they were up to - not very pretty but she had a few brain cells left in her... I think! =)

Anyway, the night ended by me meeting the EIC of Brentwood Magazine who was very gracious and sweet, I will definitely be keeping in contact with her!

Tonight I am off to J-Lo's new restaurant in Pasadena called Madres. I have heard that it is a bit overpriced and fair food so we shall see, the manager invited me down - it should be interesting!

Stay tuned...

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