Friday, September 7, 2007


Today was the day that I went back to the doctor to have them look at my back again!
I was amazed that when the told me I would have to wait that it would take me three hours to get in, be looked at, have x-ray's taken and get my drugs - codine and vicodin (did i spell those correctly?). They said that my back muscles are severly strained and my neck is a bit messed up so I will likely have to go see a specialist if it is not feeling better by Wednesday. I would've thought my back was more injured than my neck - my back feels like an 80-year old man, my neck only feels like it's about 50!
After the doctor I had to jump in the rental car and head to Vegas - not exactly what I was looking forward to but I had to. My back was in no condition to drive four hours, and let me tell you I was in utter pain, but thankfully the drive went by very quick. I found it very relaxing driving by myself, thinking out all the shit that has been going through my mind and listening to any song I want to on my iPod. While I am not looking forward to the drive home I have a feeling it will all be worth it - this weekend is going to be a blast!
I honestly didn't know what to expect from this weekend. As many of you already know my good friend Karen (from Michigan) is getting married on Saturday (tomorrow) so i drove up here just for her. She told me that her mom rented a house for us to stay in but again, I wasn't sure what kind of house. When I pulled up I was amazed of how big the house was - swimming pool, jacuzzi and all! I will take some pictures and post them for you all to see!!! Her mom said that the house is rentable at a great price of $400 a night. It sounnds like a lot of money but the home easily fits 10 people - comfortably and it comes with a fridge, stove, bar, and all the ammenities you'd find in a home. The house is 10 minutes from the strip and it is well kept - again, I will post pictures soon!
Gotta go, we're BBQ'ing tonight, I can't wait until we go out to the gay clubs tonight - thank God I am around a bunch of fag hags!!!
Stay Tuned...

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Have fun and be good!!

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