Monday, November 3, 2008


After reading my initial movie review for Changeling I received a few emails saying that it wasn't an official movie review and that I didn't go into as much detail as I should have. In response, I have to say that my reviews are being written the way I want them to be because no one is paying my ass to write this blog so it will be written however I want it. To be honest this morning when I wrote that post I was in bed, half asleep and a bit lazy.

As a follow up to my review I forgot to comment on the historical aspect of Los Angeles and how I loved the shots of Downtown Los Angeles when City Hall was the only sky scrapper in the area - and if you've seen LA City Hall you know it's not that tall to begin with. I also found interesting that Mira Loma was once called Wineville, however the events of the movie Changeling ( I don't want to give anything away) they wanted to change the city to get away from the controversy. I guess I could sit here and name every tiny aspect of the movie that thrilled me but to make this a shorter blog I have to say that the historical aspects kept me captivated throughout the entire movie... LOVED IT!!!

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