Saturday, November 1, 2008


On Thursday night Nick Young and Jon went out to the new restaurant/night club entity called Apple. Before 10 p.m. it's a lavish WeHo eatery - after 10 expect to be ushered out so they can quickly move the tables around to accommodate the hordes of people that come to see the new fixtures.

The space that now occupies Apple has been transformed and renamed so many things over the past ten years I've lost track. The new owners of Apple have spent quite a lot of money making the restaurant a spectacular feast for the eyes - however even though the food is pretty good, I'm afraid the prices and smaller portions will keep most of the curious onlookers away.

Overall my Roasted Chicken was a truly special dish that couldn't be copied by any other restaurant and it was hearty enough to fill me up - believe it or not! I definitely suggest you order it if you want to be fed for a nominal price yet leave satisfied. I also was happy to be able to say that I tasted what Minnesota Wild Rice is - and I was with an OFFICIAL Minnesotan at that, yes Nick Young was made in that state *wink*!

After dinner we stuck around to see Chi Chi deejay and Jason Sechrest, I am not sure what he does.... lol!
We hung out with Howard and Gio from Fabscout, Brandon Baker, Rusty - LOVE HIM, Mason Ross, Michael Stabile, T-Ball and a few others that their name escapes me at the moment. Brandon was a complete sweet heart as always and told me that I am a tad intimidating. When he told me that I was flabbergasted - me off all people I wouldn't consider intimidating. If you weren't aware Brandon Baker and I worked in the same office for nearly two years and he was one of the kids that I loved seeing everyday when I came to work. Oh, Brandon also told me that there is some sort of a conflict right now between Jason Sechrest and Angel Benton....hmmmm. When I asked where my Angel was Brandon said that he wouldn't come because it was Jason's night at Apple/Temptation. I respect both of these boys so I hope they work out their differences.... it would be sad to see their friendship die like Brandon Baker's porn career *wink*

The last think I will say about Temptation was that the crowds have seem to DRAMATICALLY dwindled over the past three or four weeks. My BFF said that he attended the first week and the crowd was amazing, filled with fresh, cute faces. The following week I attended to see my friend Francois Sagat perform and although I thought the club was pretty packed, Joseph said that the club was not as full as opening night.
While I think it was because Chi Chi wasn't there, Joseph thought that everyone wanted to just take a peak at the club. I have to admit that the prices for cocktails were a tad rediculous! C'mon, $42 for three Red Bull and vodka, that's a lot of money. Have I blogged about this already? Hmm, well when I asked the bartender why it was so much money he said they automatically pour Belvedere. I wouldn't have minded so much if the drinks weren't served in a small bucket glass - at least at The Abbey you get your moneys worth when they charge you $13 for a drink. Again, I don't see Apple staying in business too long with those prices, even the gay's don't like to spend a lot of money on frivolous cocktails that you end up feeling cheated on.

Getting back to the crowds at Apple (or lack there of), on Thursday Chi Chi's room was packed - OF COURSE, but the main room downstairs that introduced WeHo to a fabulous dancer swimming in a champagne glass was absent - in fact they didn't open the room until after midnight!! When we went to the bar a few weeks ago they made us enter in from that room and leave from the front of the club, now they changed the setup and people leave and line up in front of the club - MUCH BETTER!!!

I think if Temptation doesn't make it then Jason and Chi Chi should continue their Thursday night show downstairs at Apple still, it's a lot of fun and I would go on a weekly basis, even if others don't care for it - FUCK EM!

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