Monday, November 3, 2008



Since the Sophomore release from Shiny Toy Guns comes out today, 11/04/08, I felt as if I should pay homage to one of their classic songs from their first album "We Are Pilots." This dynamic electro-pop infused song is called "You Are The One," and it's a great representation of what this amazing band is all about! Shiny Toy Guns had one huge song on the radio called "le disko," it was an average song (in my opinion) that didn't wow me any, but if it gave perspective Shiny Toy Gun fans a sneak peak/sample of what the band sounds like then I guess it served its purpose.

I highly recommend you buy the album "We Are Pilots," on iTunes - the new album, well the jury is still out! I for one had no idea that the new album was coming! I have to admit that I don't subscribe to the band's gossip sites so I had no idea that one of the lead singers was booted out of the group and that the new album was a bit heavier than the Freshman release - I'll see about that. I am hoping that my BFF, Joseph, gives me the new album called "Season of Poison," so I can check it out and give it a gander - I'm hoping it's good because I fell in love with this band a few years ago, and even turned a few people onto the band too! The one thing I hate is when a new band comes out with an amazing album but doesn't follow through with their second - kinda like Pearl Jam, kinda *wink*!!!


fatenoir said...

you know how you always see text WIN to 19371 ect to win stuff? well let me be the first ( i assume ) to tell you that YES people really do win.

my friend who is a sound guy toured with them on the last tour - and i went to the gig to see him. i had never heard of them before so i did the obligitory google myspace tour etc. there was some affore mentioned contest link on one of their sites ... yeah i entered (i like to be a winner) and promptly forgot all about it.

ffw a few months. i get this text saying YOURE THE GRAND PRIZE WINNER ect ect.

LMAO i won an autographed elecric guitar along with tshirt (too small) and a few posters.

too funny.

the end.

b boy said...


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