Monday, November 3, 2008


Yesterday the 'ITalian,' myself, Tj and Chris all went out together to check out the new Americana and see a movie. 'ITalian' had never seen the Americana and I love to show him new things *LOL* and because he's not from the United States it has been pretty easy to accomplish the fun task!

The four of us saw the new Angelina Jolie movie 'Changeling,' which also happens to be directed by Clint Eastwood and produced by Ron Howard. If I could give a few words to rationally describe the TRUE STORY I'd have to say it would be labeled an emotional roller coaster. The movie's premise is apparent in the preview below, however the trailer doesn't properly do Jolie's portrayal justice - she is magnificent, as well is Eastwood's directorial abilities. While the 'ITalian' was watching the movie he couldn't help but talking out loud "You f**king b**ch," he'd utter, quickly I'd have to remind him that there was a 75 year old man sitting next to him and that he needed to control his potty mouth - LOL!

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